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The Zip Hoodie Sweatshirt — $65
Recommended Size: M

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Daily Grind Limited Edition — $98
Size: Tailored 15.5" / Sleeve: 34"

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super interesting read + useful info from @threadbase. as a 6'8" guy, this will actually change my buying habits
This is genius. Thanks @threadbase My mission to find the best-white-tee just got easier.
@threadbase whoa, actually pretty useful as someone who wants a very specific fit of shirt
shirt size database across lots of brands! yessssssss
For everyone who has difficulty buying clothes online (so, pretty much everyone) this is an awesome tool to find...
I think I will love to shop clothes online from now on...
@bumishness the most useful thing ive ever run across on the internet
I found a T-shirt that fits me! Not too short, not too wide. If you have been struggling, get thee to @threadbase
Great little tool for the consummate tshirt connoisseur: